pizza pasta

hi! im magolor or mago (mag-oh) or mags for short, im a minor, they/them and i draw a lot of fanart

i ramble and talk a lot but i also can get super nervous and i cant keep convos going well so i might just. stop replying sorry but i love making new friends

i am fictionkin! feel free to ask for any of those i dont mind at all

my main interests are kirby, portal, cookie run, patapon, inanimate insanity, bfdia/idfb, sally face, and scary things like args! rad

i had a lot more but i cant list them here itd be too long, im always open for suggestions on new stuff to look at too! :D

i have a discord as well but please ask for it if u want it!

i also have an instagram, twitter, and youtube but i never use those

thats all i guess? if u have any questions feel free to ask, tysm for stopping by and i hope u have a great day!